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Companies push for digital

There was a time when customers only had a single choice when it came to contacting a company's customer service department. They had to dial a number to reach the department by phone—and make sure that they did so during the company's customer service department's hours of operation.

Companies using AI to enhance customer experience

In today's world we have come to realize that technology makes our lives easier. Incorporated into almost all daily used devices, from smart phones to smart refrigerators, technology simply makes our personal lives easier to manage thereby creating a more efficient use of our personal time.

what is the motivation for companies to adopt self service

Self-service is often the first step of the customer service journey. It is at this time that the solution can either enhance brand perception or hurt brand perception, so the importance of self-service cannot be over emphasized. Factors driving organizations to invest in self-service include:

the components of intelligent agent engagement

While assisted service aptly describes the human-touch component, intelligent agent engagement more accurately describes the human-touch fueled with technology to drive improved operational efficiency.

what is contact center agent engagement and how is it changing1

Agent engagement refers to any customer interaction that requires a human-touch. While much of the technology focus of recent years has been with self-service, the assisted service channel is seeing a resurgence of interest and importance. There is also a growing realization that customers no longer need to make a binary decision on using one form of service over the other - instead, self-service and assisted service are deeply intertwined, so much so that a single customer interaction can span both channels, multiple times.

sorting through the hype

Within the broader domain of Customer Experience (CX) technology there has perhaps been no greater technological advancement than self-service products and solutions. The dizzying pace of innovation - artificial intelligence, chatbots, machine learning, autonomous service - is enough to leave any CX practitioner feeling overwhelmed. Coupled with the fact that self-service initiatives are often high-visibility and high-priority projects, the risk of a failed implementation always looms large.

sorting through the hype

What is the motivation for companies to improve their assisted service?

The strategic importance of investing in the Customer Experience has led organizations to improve all aspects of the customer journey. While the self-service channel is being prioritized in part due to customer demand and in part due to cost advantages, companies are being driven to take a renewed look at agent engagement due to a number of factors:

what is intelligent self service

Intelligent self-service refers to the new generation of self-service solutions. These solutions are changing the paradigm over the old way of doing it. The highly structured classification and prescriptive knowledge bases are being replaced (or fronted) with virtual customer assistants (VCA’s) or chatbots. The old IVR phone trees (“press one for billing, press two for services…”) are being replaced by graphical or digital alternatives. Automation technology, often thought to be the exclusive domain for organizational automation, is now being utilized to assist customers.