ivr 5 benefits call centersAlmost every third person in the world uses a smartphone.  As users’ adoption continues to grow, regular voice calls will come to be seen as quaint. With the rise of conversational AI, consumers have come to expect even more from interactive voice systems. 


agent scripting software customer experienceImagine you’re calling your telecom to get help with a broadband router problem. At the start of your call, you say, “I’m having trouble connecting to the Internet. I have two computers connected through a wireless router and neither can connect. I've already rebooted the computers and the modem, but still no connection. I’m not sure if it’s due to the thunderstorm in the area.” 


automating customer serviceDigitization is on the mind of virtually every customer service leader, as new technology promises to improve the customer experience, streamline internal processes and boost agent productivity.


coronavirus pandemic shufersal call center success

Famed psychologist, Abraham Maslow, outlined the five-tier model of human needs: physiological, safety, love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization.

Only when a person's lower-level needs are met can one move up the continuum of human potential. You may have been operating from an evolved state, an altruistic state even, before the coronavirus pandemic.  


call scripting customer loyalty cardConventional wisdom accepts it’s cheaper to keep existing customers than to get new ones. Then why is it companies pay so little attention to creating brand loyalty? Treating your customers right and giving them what they want should be a no-brainer. 


why adopt call center automationI believe Gartner’s progression from an optimized employee (WFO) has finally matured to the engaged employee (WEM). It's time to accept that automation can support traditional coaching methods.

call center automation handles high call volume



call center automation handles high call volume In the digital age, when we discuss business continuity we tend to focus on data security and privacy breaches. Disaster recovery takes on a whole new meaning when preparing for a pandemic. Call centers must assess their resilience in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

call center volume during a crisis

call center volume during a crisisBy definition, a crisis means there’s no time to plan. Even top teams fail to understand what it takes to plan for disruption. That’s why so many businesses were caught flat-footed during this recent coronavirus outbreak.

how to resolve customer pain points during a crisisAs businesses grapple with the economic impact of this latest health scare, customer call centers are dealing with the people side of things. Customers are anxious; call volume is high.

CCW Report Change or DieWe see this every day. The push/pull between technology and human emotional intelligence. The IT department may run the systems, but it’s the CEO who’s responsible to stakeholders -- all stakeholders. We must remember technology is a tool that should improve, enhance, reduce something related to people.