Automation is a key technology within Uniphore’s X Platform that works in tandem with the conversational AI in our products.

Automation allows your enterprise to go beyond conversational analysis by streamlining and simplifying complex actions such as appointment scheduling and creating support tickets.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one form of automation offered by the X Platform. RPA technology mimics the manual computer input done by agents and automatically runs those actions based on events that happen in conversation.

With the Uniphore X-Designer, your team can leverage a no-code interface to quickly chain together an automation flow that executes actions based on events that happen in self-service or agent assist use cases.

The Power of RPA + Conversational AI

RPA augments the conversational AI in U-Assist and U-Self Serve to help assist agents and automate workflows behind the scenes.

With U-Assist, while Uniphore’s conversational AI provides real-time guidance to your agents, RPA automatically navigates them to the correct pages of an application and inputs data into forms. By automating desktop applications, the screen is kept in context for the attending agent, which adds powerful real-time business agility to your call center.

With U-Self Serve, when customers interact with virtual agents, RPA works remotely in real-time to automate tasks for customers. This can be useful for scheduling back-office tasks that are necessary to help customers or inputting data into applications where APIs are not available.

By using the RPA built into Uniphore’s X Platform, the same automation can be leveraged across products in the X-Console, which makes it faster to update and maintain as your work environment rapidly changes.

How does Uniphore’s RPA work? 

Uniphore’s RPA is extremely accessible and can be set up in just a few steps through the X Platform.

Install Uniphore’s RPA Recorder, which is integrated with the X-Designer and will record actions on the application you would like to automate.

When recording, your team can select various elements on the application you wish to automate and record which actions you would like to perform with these elements.  

When you are done recording, submit the recorded sequence to the X-Designer. All the elements and actions will be saved as steps in a flow, which you can edit and re-arrange very easily.  

This sequence can be saved as a flow, which can then be assigned to a Conversational Event in U-Assist or U-Self Serve.

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