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View the webinar below that will show several interesting use cases on how to extend an IVR Visually; breathing new life into your existing IVR!  Slide Deck Download

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New IVR technologies offer the opportunity to redefine the IVR experience for users of mobile devices, all the while preserving and utilizing your existing IVR investment. Visual IVR allows your customers to conveniently touch their way through your IVR using easy to use visual cues.

What attendees learned:
  • How to extend your IVR … Visually!
  • How to leverage IVR on the mobile channel
  • How to lower telephony and IVR costs
  • How customers have created new interesting extensions of their IVR

Who attended?
  • Senior Level VPs and Directors who are accountable for Customer Care
  • CIOs who desire financial improvements from enhanced call center operations
  • CTOs who are tasked with preserving existing IVR investments
  • IVR managers seeking to simplify the user experience
  • Marketing VP’s who need to provide an improved customer experience