Whether it’s completing a licensing process, registration or unlocking functionality, or activating a warranty your customers are often required to complete a sequence of steps to fully utilize their purchase. When the activation process is not successfully completed in your Voice IVR or online, customers are frustrated and your inbound call volume rises.

Join us for a brief webinar replay on how Visual IVR makes sophisticated product registration and service renewals easy to self serve so that your customers can enjoy their products with minimal effort, increasing loyalty and decreasing the cost to serve them.

Key discussion points:

  • Use Case: Fortune 500 Technology Company
  • Pain: Inability to complete customer activation in the voice IVR and online, causing poor customer experience, high inbound call volume, high costs
  • Solution: Visual IVR
  • Results: 15% increase in self-service containment rate; 6% decrease in agent transfers; 3 minutes drop in average handling time; annual savings of over $2 M