Title: Self-Service 2.0: Turbocharge your Stalling Digital Strategy


In the webinar, we will dig into this discrepancy between channel adoption and channel preference and discuss best practices to help you close the gap and increase adoption rates of your digital assets.

Seeing is believing, so along with some hearty dialog, we will also dial up the demo factory during this webinar to help bring these best practices to life.

Key takeaways from the webinar will include things like:

  • Root causes for digital care funnel leaking
  • How to add a digital component to speech initiated self-service interactions to open up new self-service use cases
  • Real-world use cases in demos showing how to deploy these new techniques to boost digital adoption rates

Download the PDF here

Meet Your Presenters:

Presenter:Michael headshot Michael Haisten
Principal Solutions Consultant

Presenter:Matt headshot Matthew Storm
Director, Product Marketing