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Title: Know Your Blind Spots. Deliver Consistent CX With Your #WFH Call Center

Boost Help Desk Productivity Using Smart Agent Assistants Powered by Conversational AI and Robotic Process Automation

blind webinar replay

Join our panel of experts for a fluid discussion on how to empower your help desk using AI and Robotic Process Automation.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. How To Overcome #WFH Blind Spots associated with a Traditional Approach to Workforce Management
  2. How To Simplify Onboarding and Training With Agent Guidance & Task Automation
  3. How To Master Agent Assistance Using AI and RPA
  4. How To Create An Action Plan To Boost Call Center Productivity During Our Shared Lockdown

Meet The Panel:


Adam Rennert
Co-Founder, President at PeakView, Inc.


Dr. Guy Yogev
Managing Partner at BDO Customer Management


Michael Haisten
Principal Consultant, Customer Service AI at Jacada

Kumaran Shanmuhan
Chief Growth Officer at Jacada