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Title: Introducing Multi-Modal Experiences within Interact (Webinar Replay)

Presented by: J. Richard J. Garrett, Director Solutions Consulting - EMEA & APAC, Jacada 

Jacada Partner Program "Members Only" Webinar

As a Jacada partner, you will no doubt be positioning Jacada Interact for multi-modal experiences. Learn how Jacada Interact can enable your customers to blend speech and digital to simplify customer service interactions.

Adding a digital component to speech initiated self-service interactions opens up possibilities for transactions never thought possible on speech alone and allows enterprises to offer digital assistance at a point where the customer seems to need additional assistance on the speech application.

You'll See:

  • Key benefits of the multi-modal approach
  • Identifying use cases where multi-modal would provide a self-service boost
  • How to build multi-modal interactions within Interact

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