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Title: How To Boost Agent Productivity & Contact Centre Efficiency
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Hosted by: Call Centre Helper
Presented by: Martin Jukes of Mpathy Plus and Graeme Gilovitz of Jacada

Boosting productivity is not a question of just working harder, it’s all about working smarter. In this webinar we looked at ways that you can boost agent productivity and contact centre efficiency.

Webinar 3 22 2018 03

Key Discussion Points:

  • Boosting agent productivity
  • Understanding why your Customers are Contacting you
  • First Contact Resolution
  • Reducing avoidable contact and failure demand
  • Streamlining the agent desktop
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Reducing Transferred Calls
  • Fixing Broken Processes
  • Clever use of Technology
  • Top Tips from the Audience
  • Winning tip – “We try to focus on the customer experience vs AHT to move towards FCR. The calls may be longer but this reduces call backs from our customers” thanks to Jayne5