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Title: DEMO WEBCAST Smart Agent Assistant:  Automation With A Human Touch From Within The Agent’s Desktop
Hosted by: CRMXChange
Presented by: Jacada


Watch this demo to see the Smart Agent Assistant, an RPA bot within the desktop that is working side by side with the call center agent. Amplify productivity with instant access to the right information and processes, shorten handle times through automation, and enable the agent to focus on the customer instead of the system. 


What you'll see:

  • Automating the entire processes by reaching back to the relevant systems, pulling and inserting relevant data and following preconfigured workflows
  • Taking control of manual and tedious data entry, complex navigation sequences, cut & paste operations with increased accuracy and speed within the agents desktop
  • Providing insights, real-time guidance and next-best-action alerts based on the current context of the interaction with the customer
  • Triggering and automating actions and activities from within the desktop

Presenter:Scott headshot Scott Merrit
VP Global Head of Automation

Presenter:Michael headshot Michael Haisten
Principal Solutions Consultant