Title: Customer Service Automation: Driving Efficiency in the Contact Center
Hosted by: The Institute of Robotic Process Automation & AI (IRPA & AI)


In Customer Service, automation is key in reducing costs but only if the technology works in tandem with the human counterpart to tackle increasingly complex customer interactions. Done right, RPA in customer service will increase operational efficiency while improving customer and employee experiences. Watch this webinar to learn more about Customer Service RPA.


Key Discussion Points:

  • Automation invoked from within the agent’s desktop as needed to drive efficiency and speed into the interaction.
  • Automation free from product and system complexity to allow the agent to focus on the customer and provide deeper, more meaningful engagements.
  • Automation that expands self-service from responding to questions to completing customer requests, and if requested, providing a seamless connection and contextual handoff to a live agent without having to repeat information or rekey data.

Presenter:Scott headshot Rich Garrett
Director, Solution Consulting, Jacada