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Title: Contact Center Automation Made Robust with Customer Service RPA
Technology Innovation Demo Webcast
Hosted by: CRMXchange; Presented by Jacada

Contact Centers are not the typical "low hanging fruits" for enterprise automation, often characterized by high diversity and high complexity – both known automation killers. However, new technologies are changing this, making Customer Service Robotic Process Automation (Customer Service RPA) a viable option.

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Jacada will break down the traditional segmentation of front office and back office automation and introduce Customer Service RPA as a bot/human hybrid automation that amplifies agent productivity rather than replacing the agent. Free the agent to deliver impactful conversations with empathy, while the robot is automating manual and tedious data entry, complex navigation sequences, and cut & paste operations.

Join us as we demonstrate the productivity gains that Customer Service RPA brings to contact center automation and how leading contact centers are already driving substantial value from automation.

Key Discussion Points:

  • How to leverage RPA to intelligently assist agents
  • Contact center automation case studies with high ROI 
  • Best practices for a successful automation deployment in the contact center