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Title: How To Combat High Call Volume During Times of High Anxiety

Learn how to battle customer service complexity with agility and empathy

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Join our panel of experts in customer service automation for a fluid discussion on how to manage call center operations in the wake of unexpected events such as the coronavirus outbreak.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Managing Heightened Customer Anxiety
  2. Ensuring the Safety of Your Customer Service Workforce
  3. Managing Unexpected Spikes in Contact Volumes
  4. Minimizing Onboarding Time, Processing Time and Error Rates
  5. Minimizing Stress for IT & Driving an Agile Operation

Meet The Panel:


Rini Fredette
Senior Vice President, Contact Center Services & Solutions at PSCU


Martin Hill-Wilson
Founder, Customer Service & AI Engagement Strategist at Brainfood Consulting


Kumaran Shanmuhan
Chief Growth Officer at Jacada