Title: AI and RPA – Transforming Customer Service - Tech Tank
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Presented by:

  • Karen Inbar, Solution Marketing, NICE
  • Michael Haisten, Principal Consultant, Intelligent Self-Service Solutions, Jacada

During this webcast, you will hear about RPA and how AI automation strengthens speech and digital to complement one another in a multi-modal experience.

Adding a digital component to speech initiated self-service interactions opens up possibilities to offer digital assistance where the customer seems to need additional assistance on the speech application. You will see:

  • Jacada’s Interact low-code automation hub which allows business analysts to reuse integrations and conversational flows across multiple channels, simultaneously, to automate self-service transactions without having to custom build or code each experience separately.
  • Allow the customer to escalate to human assistance with the full context of their self-service journey to that point.

Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to create a seamless bot/human hybrid automation amplifies agent productivity as opposed to replacing the agent. During this webcast, you will hear how NICE RPA will help to:

  • Identify which processes to target with automation.
  • Intelligently and effectively pinpoint processes that yield the best ROI.

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