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Join Micah Solomon to discuss where to put more, or less, human interaction into customer service and the customer experience.

Wednesday, March 22nd at 1 PM EST

One of the challenges of our time is deciding where to put more, or less, human interaction into customer service and the customer experience. Micah Solomon will explore customer experience in the age of social media, self-service, global competition and endless distractions. This discussion will focus on the largest buying power in the marketplace today - the digital-savvy consumer. Are you ready to serve them, profit from them, and keep them coming back? Micah’s renowned research and writing on the subject for enliven this unique presentation

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Webcast: Driving Digital Adoption via Customer Intent The Jacada Contact Hub
Hosted by CRMXchange

According to Forrester, 40% of consumers have a high willingness, and ability, to shift spend. It only takes a single experience for the empowered customer to stay or leave the company. In 2017, says Forrester, one-third of businesses will shift to customer-obsessed operations and effectively compete on the basis of experiences. Delivering outstanding customer experiences means delivering great self-service assets.

Introducing the Jacada Contact Hub - the industry’s first Digital Routing Engine to drive digital adoption and lower inbound call volume by right channeling customers to the proper digital channel. Engage your customers where they are - whether it’s an inbound digital session, a voice inquiry, or a proactive outbound alert.

Jacada will demonstrate how digital routing, virtual assistance and outbound engagement can be accomplished, using a single platform to provide a continuous and personalized customer experience.

Learn how the following capabilities, geared to drive digital adoption and improve the customer’s experience, are easily performed with the Jacada Contact Hub:

  • Pivot voice calls into a personalized, self-service interaction.
  • Engage website visitors with a Virtual Agent to fully assist and resolve the inquiry there and then.
  • Send proactive notifications to lower inbound call volume.

2017 is the year to get closer to your digital customer – are you up to the challenge?

Webcast: Driving Digital Adoption via Customer Intent – The Jacada Contact Hub

The State of IVRs in 2017

Produced and hosted by and CRM magazine.

Interactive voice response (IVR) systems have been the backbone of contact centers and self-service solutions for decades.

Join Convergys, Jacada, and NICE for this 60-minute Roundtable Webinar to learn where the market is now, and where it is headed in the next 12 months. We will cover digital transformation issues, the exploding mobile segment, and how IVR fits into cross-channel/omnichannel best practices.

In this session you will learn the following:

  • How to deliver great customer experiences by improving self-service adoption.
  • How IVR systems can be extended to digital channels.
  • How context-aware IVRs can turn interruptions and channel-hopping into streamlined, stress-free customer journeys.
  • How natural language understanding and visual IVRs can help you adapt to your customers' busy lifestyles.
  • Why IVR optimization is key to serving the broader, critical objective of digital containment.
  • How analytical capabilities ensure IVR processes serve both customer experience and internal business objectives.

Prepare your 2017 IVR strategy with this expert panel in just 60 minutes. It will be worth your time.

Roundtable: The State of IVRs in 2017

The Future of Customer Experience
How To Keep Your Company From Being Just Are Commodity

Produced and hosted by by and Speech Tech magazine

Due to ever-growing consumer and employee expectations, ever-expanding use of smart devices, and ever-changing consumer and corporate behaviors, it's safe to say that digital transformation is inevitable. In many ways, customer service is at the heart of some of the biggest changes.

Current trends are providing a glimpse into what consumers will expect in the not-too-distant future. Whether it's in the form of virtual assistants, visual interactive voice response systems, or voice-biometrics infused with artificial intelligence and machine learning, customer service is on the brink of a great digital evolution that will forever change how companies operate and interact with their customers.

Join Convergys, Jacada and Avaya in this webinar to learn the following:

  • Today's megatrends and implications influencing your future business operations and environment.
  • What a digital customer experience of the future might look like and how it will influence operations.
  • How to become 'smarter' than the consumer and deliver the ultimate customer experience.
  • How to improve digital adoption by actively fostering positive digital habits.
  • How to deliver a great customer experience by improving self-service.
  • How to eliminate the need for customers to repeat information when they cross channels or their interactions are interrupted.
Roundtable: The Future of Customer Experience

Webinar Replay:
Powering Up Your Digital Channels: How Utility Customer Experiences Are Changing with Visual IVR

A seamless and digital customer experience is becoming the only way for Public Utilities to differentiate from their competitors. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2017 87% of firms will compete primarily on customer experience.

While customers strongly prefer digital channels, it is just that: a preference. Far too often the digital experience or self-service interaction fails the user, requiring them to reach out for traditional assisted service: The phone.

Despite going digital, companies in the Public Utility sector are still reporting these challenges:

  • High call volume
  • People still seeking human contact
  • Customers suspicious of self-service
  • Increasing agent costs
  • AusContact 1000 WebinarPageThumbNail
    Join Jacada to find out how innovative solutions like Visual IVR resolve the above challenges by channel pivoting inbound phone calls into a digital self-service experience while improving self-service adoption and lowering inbound call volume.

    Webinar Replay: Learn how to differentiate your customer service experience and stand apart from your competitors.

    Join us for a discussion demonstrating:
  • How insurance companies are using Visual IVR to drive efficiency and personalization through a higher value digital connection with their customer
  • Why Visual IVR does not need a native mobile app installed - ensuring higher member adoption
  • How Members can easily authenticate and view their personalized benefits displayed in an intuitive visual representation from their mobile phone without having to speak to an agent

  • JacadaVIVRInsuranceWebgraphic
    We will also discuss Real Time Collaboration. How if a customer chooses to speak with an agent, the agent can walk them through shared documents and images in real time through a dual digital and voice collaboration.