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Title: How To Reduce Inbound Call Volume
Hosted by Call Centre Helper; Presented by Rich Garrett of Jacada & Phil Anderson of The Forum

In this webinar replay we look at how to drive adoption of your self-service assets to lower inbound call volume.

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Title: Exploring the CX Dichotomy: Improving the Customer Experience While Reducing Costs
Hosted by the Contact Center Network Group (CCNG); Presented by Chris du Toit, CMO, Jacada

Delivering an outstanding Customer Experience while maintaining or reducing costs is a dichotomy – On the one hand you’re under pressure to improve both self-service and contact center efficiency, and on the other hand you have a mandate to improve the customer experience across a number of metrics such as NPS and more. These goals are seemingly at odds and makes your role as a CX practitioner all the more difficult.

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Title: Winner's Webinar: UK National Innovation Award 2017 For Digital Self-Service
Hosted by the Directors’ Club United Kingdom

On May 23rd Jacada won the live final for the Digital Self-Service category of the UK National Innovation Awards 2017.

In this webinar replay Jacada will provide insight into how callers can be diverted to digital self-service without negative impact on their customer experience.

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Title: Accelerating Customer Experience Utilizing Digital Adoption and NLP
Hosted by Steve Hurst of Engage Business Media

Find out how voice callers can be diverted to a personalized and digital self-service experience, resulting in call reduction by at least 10%. We will be sharing client use cases and actual results from Turk Telekom, Leumi Card, a Fortune 50 software company, and a Fortune 100 Insurance company.

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Title: Efficient Call Resolution Regardless of Complexity Level: A Case Study Webinar Featuring the University of Derby
Webinar Replay

The University of Derby discuss efficient call resolution and excellent customer experience successfully delivered to over 2500 calls received in 3 days - by easily integrating Jacada Agent Guidance with the University's existing Zendesk infrastructure. Challenges and actual results will be shared.

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Title: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Visual IVR - You Ask, Experts Answer!
Webinar Replay

Attend a Q&A Webinar featuring guest speaker, Martin Hill-Wilson, customer engagement strategist and Founder of Brainfood Consulting

Grill our panel of experts on your burning questions related to Visual IVR and digital customer experience. Submit your question today!

Find out how companies are using Visual IVR to channel pivot expensive voice calls into a personalized digital self-service experience resulting in call reduction by at least 10%.

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