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Title: Customer Delight - Live Demonstrations of Breakthrough Innovations - Tech Tank
Hosted by: CRMXchange
Presented by: Jacada, UJET, NICE

The customer experience/contact center industry is a space where constant progress is the norm, making it an overwhelming task to keep track of the latest innovations. Get an inside look at emerging solutions that are already having a significant impact on the marketplace. Attendees will view demonstrations of the most advanced contact center technologies and see how they can help resolve ongoing issues.

Webinar 4 19 2018

Title: How To Reduce Inbound Call Volume
Hosted by Call Centre Helper; Presented by Rich Garrett of Jacada & Phil Anderson of The Forum

In this webinar replay we look at how to drive adoption of your self-service assets to lower inbound call volume.

webinarNov272017 650x366

Title: Exploring the CX Dichotomy: Improving the Customer Experience While Reducing Costs
Hosted by the Contact Center Network Group (CCNG); Presented by Chris du Toit, CMO, Jacada

Delivering an outstanding Customer Experience while maintaining or reducing costs is a dichotomy – On the one hand you’re under pressure to improve both self-service and contact center efficiency, and on the other hand you have a mandate to improve the customer experience across a number of metrics such as NPS and more. These goals are seemingly at odds and makes your role as a CX practitioner all the more difficult.

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Title: Winner's Webinar: UK National Innovation Award 2017 For Digital Self-Service
Hosted by the Directors’ Club United Kingdom

On May 23rd Jacada won the live final for the Digital Self-Service category of the UK National Innovation Awards 2017.

In this webinar replay Jacada will provide insight into how callers can be diverted to digital self-service without negative impact on their customer experience.

webinarOct2017 650x366