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Title: How To Create “Super-Agents” By Giving Each Human A Robot Smart-Assistant
Hosted by:UK Director's Club
Presented by:Scott Merritt, VP Automation, Jacada


Title: AI and RPA – Transforming Customer Service- Tech Tank
Hosted by: 
Presented by:

  • Karen Inbar, Solution Marketing, NICE
  • Michael Haisten, Principal Consultant, Intelligent Self-Service Solutions, Jacada

Title: Customer Service Automation: Driving Efficiency in the Contact Center
Hosted by: The Institute of Robotic Process Automation & AI (IRPA & AI)


In Customer Service, automation is key in reducing costs but only if the technology works in tandem with the human counterpart to tackle increasingly complex customer interactions. Done right, RPA in customer service will increase operational efficiency while improving customer and employee experiences. Watch this webinar to learn more about Customer Service RPA.


Title: What Is Robotic Process Automation For The Contact Centre? Why Is It Important To Customer Service Productivity?
Hosted by: Directors' Club


Find out how organisations are using Customer Service Robotic Process Automation to transform agent desktop environments, eliminate multichannel friction and support customers' end-to-end journeys, all while balancing automation and human relationships. Real case studies and results will be shared for you to quantify the business value of Customer Service RPA over traditional RPA technologies.


Title: Reselling Customer Service Automation with Jacada: Becoming an RPA Partner
Presented by: Jacada


Watch a 30 minutes informational webinar on becoming a Jacada reseller of end-to-end customer service automation in your region. Find out why becoming a Jacada partner will allow you to help organizations increase revenue while reducing operational costs and improving employee and customer experiences.  


Title: DEMO WEBCAST Smart Agent Assistant:  Automation With A Human Touch From Within The Agent’s Desktop
Hosted by: CRMXChange
Presented by: Jacada


Watch this demo to see the Smart Agent Assistant, an RPA bot within the desktop that is working side by side with the call center agent. Amplify productivity with instant access to the right information and processes, shorten handle times through automation, and enable the agent to focus on the customer instead of the system. 


Title: Can RPA Scale? Moving Beyond the Hype
6 Reasons RPA is not scaling and what WE all need to do about it!

Scott Merritt, VP Global Head of Automation, breaks through the RPA hype to explore 6 common RPA myths that continue to impact an organizations ability to turn RPA POCs into an enterprise RPA program that scales:


Title: Contact Center Automation Made Robust with Customer Service RPA
Technology Innovation Demo Webcast
Hosted by: CRMXchange; Presented by Jacada

Contact Centers are not the typical "low hanging fruits" for enterprise automation, often characterized by high diversity and high complexity – both known automation killers. However, new technologies are changing this, making Customer Service Robotic Process Automation (Customer Service RPA) a viable option.

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Title: What Makes an Exceptional Customer Service Bot? You Ask, Experts Answer!
Featuring guest speaker, Nicolas De Kouchkovsky, Intelligent Assistant and Bot Market Specialist, Former Genesys CMO.
Webinar Replay

Webinar 4 3 2018 03

Title: Customer Delight - Live Demonstrations of Breakthrough Innovations - Tech Tank
Hosted by: CRMXchange
Presented by: Jacada, UJET, NICE

The customer experience/contact center industry is a space where constant progress is the norm, making it an overwhelming task to keep track of the latest innovations. Get an inside look at emerging solutions that are already having a significant impact on the marketplace. Attendees will view demonstrations of the most advanced contact center technologies and see how they can help resolve ongoing issues.

Webinar 4 19 2018