Webinar Replay: Make Every Agent Your Best Agent

How to Cut Call Center Agent Onboarding Time in Half

Webinar: Visual IVR: Speech Friend or Foe?

Webinar: Visual IVR: Speech Friend or Foe?

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Reap all the benefits of your current Speech solution without Going Over Budget – Use a visualized solution to complement your existing speech infrastructure.

Learn How To:

  • Extend your Existing IVR technology – Visualize existing IVR menus, easily accessible by customers and personalized with real time customer data, anytime, anywhere, from any device.
  • Enable a warm and seamless transition to the contact center, chat or call back – enable in-context handling of calls and no need for repeated information.
  • Drive efficiencies – Decreased AHT & higher FCR as the visual experience significantly shortens call times and keeps customers happy and satisfied across all touch points.
  • Who Should View?

  • Senior Level VPs and Directors who are accountable for Customer Care
  • CIOs who desire financial improvements from enhanced call center operations
  • CTOs who are tasked with preserving existing IVR investments
  • IVR managers seeking to simplify the user experience
  • Marketing VP’s who need to provide an improved customer experience
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