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Webinar: Visual IVR Roundtable Discussion

Webinar: Visual IVR Roundtable Discussion

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Join our panel of industry experts including Adrian Swinscoe, Art Rosenberg, and Dick Bucci, as we define what visual IVR is and the benefits of this technology for organizations worldwide.

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The discussion will address questions such as:

  • Who is likely to adopt a visual IVR solution and in what scenario/uses?
  • Is Visual IVR “death” to the traditional queue and IVR experience?
  • Is Visual in conflict with Voice? Speech vs. Visual IVR and the benefits of each.
  • Can visual IVR make self-service more effective?

The discussion will include live polls and Q&A from the audience, which will be addressed in real time by the speakers.

Steve Herlocher CMO Jacada

Steve Herlocher, CMO, Jacada

At Jacada, he leads strategic sales, marketing, business development, and strategy. He has more than 20 years of product management, operations and development experience in the contact center industry successfully managing large product P&Ls, launching new products, and managing acquisitions.




Adrian Swinscoe Customer Experience Strategist

Adrian Swinscoe,  Customer Experience Strategist

A lover of simplicity and advocate of the human touch with a bit of really useful technology thrown in, Adrian Swinscoe is a huge fan of organisations that do great things for their clients and customers.  Adrian is a customer experience strategist and writer and has been advising leaders on strategy, marketing and client experience for the last 20 years.  He runs a popular blog and podcast series and is a Forbes contributor. You can also find him on

URL: www.adrianswinscoe.com

Twitter: @adrianswinscoe

Art Rosenberg Unified Communications Analyst

Art Rosenberg, Unified Communications Analyst

Art has been a well-known independent writer, speaker, industry analyst, and consultant in business communications, having written thought-leading articles for leading technology publications such as Datamation, Business Communications Review, Datapro, Telephony, Voice Processing, etc. 
With the disruptive changes that the Web, IP communications, wireless mobility, and multimodal communication devices are bringing to traditional telephony, Art has focused on the enterprise migration of telephony to converged and mobile, IP-based, unified communications, unified messaging, and multimodal enterprise customer contacts. He is currently researching the practical transition of telephony products and services to what he has termed, “transmodal” business communications, which is IP and presence-based and exploits multimodal contact capabilities at both the desktop and with personalized, mobile devices.

URL: www.unified-view.com

Email: [email protected]

Dick Bucci Principal and Chief Analyst

Dick Bucci, Principal and Chief Analyst

Dick Bucci is Founder and Principal of Pelorus Associates where he specializes in contact center technologies. Dick has authored thirteen in-depth market research reports on workforce optimization applications and numerous articles and white papers. Prior to founding Pelorus Associates Mr. Bucci was a senior sales and marketing executive with leading telecommunications vendors and value added resellers. He has over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and is one of the most widely published and widely quoted analysts in the contact center industry. He is a regular contributor to Call Center Times and Contact Center Pipeline and is among the panel of industry analysts chosen by CRM and Speech Technology magazines to select annual industry award winners. Pelorus Associates has over 35 worldwide clients.

URL: www.pelorusassoc.com

email: [email protected]


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