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Webinar: The ROI of Making Your IVR Visual

Webinar: The ROI of Making Your IVR Visual

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View this Jacada webinar as we demonstrate the positive ROI that you will receive by creating a Visual IVR from your traditional IVR. Converting your existing IVR into a Visual IVR is a sensible investment that also yields a better customer experience for your customers.

Attendees learned:

•    How to calculate the ROI of creating a Visual IVR
•    How to avoid “zero-outs”
•    How to leverage IVR on the mobile channel
•    How to preserve your existing IVR investment
•    How to lower telephony and IVR costs

The webinar was given in two versions.

    • The first goes in depth to calculate the ROI of implementing a Visual IVR
    • The second gives an introduction to Visual IVR with a demonstration of Visual IVR used on a website

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 The ROI of making your IVR Visual from Jacada

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