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Webinar: Personalized self-service in the Healthcare sector

Webinar: Personalized self-service in the Healthcare sector

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Featured Expert:
 Charlotte Davies, former Ovum Healthcare Analyst

Successful self-service for health plan members improves call deflection and empowers the customer with a positive experience.

Self-service drives cost reduction, but it can do so much more. Self-service should be member centric – personalized and intelligently blended with assisted service where needed. Such an experience has a higher success rate which helps reduce costs.

Join Charlotte Davies, former Ovum Healthcare Analyst, and Jacada for a webinar discussing leading trends and technologies supporting the importance of delivering a personalized self-service experience for members and providers in the healthcare sector.

Key discussion points:

  • How to quickly offer a personalized and connected experience to your members
  • How to seamlessly blend self service with agent assisted service across the digital channels
  • How personalization can work in engaging the entire membership community from Millennials to Seniors

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