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Uniphore to Acquire Jacada to Simplify CX Innovation With AI & Low Code Automation

Webinar: Jacada Visual IVR for Insurance Companies

Webinar: Jacada Visual IVR for Insurance Companies

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Webinar Replay: Learn how to differentiate your customer service experience and stand apart from your competitors.Join us for a discussion demonstrating:

  • How insurance companies are using Visual IVR to drive efficiency and personalization through a higher value digital connection with their customer
  • Why Visual IVR does not need a native mobile app installed – ensuring higher member adoption
  • How Members can easily authenticate and view their personalized benefits displayed in an intuitive visual representation from their mobile phone without having to speak to an agent   We will also discuss Real Time Collaboration. How if a customer chooses to speak with an agent, the agent can walk them through shared documents and images in real time through a dual digital and voice collaboration.

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