Webinar Replay: Make Every Agent Your Best Agent

How to Cut Call Center Agent Onboarding Time in Half

Webinar: Dynamic Scripting Makes A Difference

Webinar: Dynamic Scripting Makes A Difference

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See how to make your agents shine and your customers happy by enabling a natural conversation between them.

Don’t let the secret out!

What sounds natural is actually a well planned call flow that naturally adjusts to the conversation.

View the video below.  A copy of the presentation slide decks are available here.

The Webinar will take you behind the scenes of Dynamic Scripting, where you will learn how to:

  • Quickly create, modify, test, and deploy call center scripts
  • Utilize a visual Drag & Drop tool for script creations
  • Integrate customer’s data & preferences, in real time, to your call center scripts
  • Use customer input to define call flow path
  • Create scripting that is only there when the agent needs it.
  • Update back-end systems in real time


Presented by Jacada Solutions Consultant
Karnail Jita

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