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Webinar: Clone Your Best Agents

Webinar: Clone Your Best Agents

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How to make all of your agents your best agents while optimizing your processes

Every contact center has them…you know, those Agents who somehow excel at delivering a superior customer service and at the same time bring in more revenue. These Agents have a certain quality…a certain magic…always excelling at customer interactions. Now imagine “cloning” their capability across all your Agents!

Join us for an informative Webinar that shows you how you can capture your best Agent’s processes and procedures and reuse them across your entire agent base. Now all your agents can be your best agents!

Process Optimization solutions allow you to capture your optimal processes and feed these back to your Agents in real-time, providing process guidance in context to the task being performed. Agents can be guided as to the next best action to perform to ensure an effective and efficient interaction. Whether it’s solving application complexity, increasing revenue, ensuring compliance or simply reducing call times, process guidance is a sure way to improve the performance in your contact center.

Download the slides from the presentation here.

Attendees learned:

  • How to capture your most successful processes
  • How to institutionalize these processes
  • How to provide process guidance to your Agents in real-time
  • How to solve application complexity and provide Next Best Action guidance

Who Attended?

  • Senior Level VPs and Directors who are accountable for Customer Care
  • Contact Center Managers responsible for operational and tactical plans
  • Analysts who want to stay abreast of new contact center technologies
  • CIOs who desire financial improvements from enhanced call center operations
  • CTOs who require integration of call center processes and applications

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