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Webinar: Change the Channel, Keep the Customer

Webinar: Change the Channel, Keep the Customer

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Join Jacada and  Kate Leggett of Forrester Research as we explore the importance of delivering a consistent customer journey. Participants will learn how the most prominent touch points are being leveraged and also learn how to immediately start implementing a successful multi-touch point customer journey.

View the rebroadcast of the webinar below.

The last decade in customer service was spent chasing the 360 degree view of the customer. In the meantime, we saw a dramatic growth in the number of interaction channels available to the consumer: voice, IVR, chat, web, social and mobile. Now, it’s the customer demanding a 360 view of the company instead. Providing a consistent experience across multiple touch points is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Today’s customer may start an interaction with your company on the web, continue on the mobile and finish on the voice channel. Every one of those touch points presents a “moment of truth” where you can win or lose your customer.

Attendees will learn:

  • About the importance of delivering a good customer experience
  • How to deliver a consistent experience across multiple touch points
  • Why it’s important to plan your customer journey
  • How to easily get started implementing a consistent customer experience

Who Should Attend?

This event will benefit:

  • Senior Level VPs and Directors who are accountable for strategic planning and alignment
  • Marketers responsible for mobile applications and mobile self service
  • Customer Care Directors or VPs tasked with delivering a consistent customer experience
  • Analysts who want to stay abreast of new contact center technologies
  • CIOs who desire financial improvements from enhanced call center operations
  • CTOs who require integration of call center processes with other internal departments

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