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Webinar: Attention BPOs- Say goodbye to Manual Processes

Webinar: Attention BPOs- Say goodbye to Manual Processes

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BPOs struggle to automate redundant data entry tasks when working with their client’s applications. Lack of automation creates an extensive labor force, long working hours, time-consuming training sessions, data entry errors, and rework.

View this webinar as we discuss how to take the load off the BPO by automating complex data entry processes and removing the human from repeated back office tasks.  A download of the presentation slide deck is available here.

Download Slide Deck Here

During this webinar, we will also discuss:

  • How BPOs can reduce errors, while increasing accuracy and compliance with the client’s policies
  • How to lower telephony and IVR costs
  • How to automate data validation tasks, sampling and testing tasks, data entry, migration, and more
  • A live demo of automation capabilities using a Citrix application

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