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Webinar: Are your agents ready for the new Healthcare Landscape?

Webinar: Are your agents ready for the new Healthcare Landscape?

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Get the right answers to your Members each time, every time!

The Affordable Care Act is introducing a whirlwind of change in the healthcare industry. The law itself is around 2000 pages long, encompassing everything from primary care workforce staffing to how we deliver health care. Insurance providers will see a large influx in call volume as their agents are tasked with being able to provide Members with accurate information as to the benefits of the new law or what changes a Member may expect to their existing plans. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that Agents be provided with accurate, comprehensive information and be guided through complex calls to ensure compliance. Organizations need the ability to quickly and effectively bring any regulatory changes or updates to Agents’ fingertips.

Watch the webinar replay below to learn the latest in trends and technology for guiding your agents and your callers through the new healthcare landscape.

Download the complete slide presentation HERE.

Learn more about the Jacada Mobile Agent

Learn how you can:

  • Make every agent powerful to deliver consistent answers and messages to your members
  • Help reduce members confusion by leveraging your knowledgebase and putting it at your agent’s fingertips at the right time
  • Create a holistic view of your members to help your agents make educated decisions and deliver the right information
  • Help reduce repeat calls and create better member satisfaction
  • Simplify your transition to the new healthcare legislation!

Who should attend?

  • Senior Level VPs and Directors who are accountable for Customer Care
  • Contact Center Managers responsible for operational and tactical plans
  • Analysts who want to stay abreast of new contact center technologies
  • CIOs tasked with compliance amidst the changing healthcare landscape
  • CTOs who require integration of call center processes and applications

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