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Webinar: Agent Scripting Made Easy!

Webinar: Agent Scripting Made Easy!

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Simplify the conversations for your customers and your agents. Don’t miss out on this review of the latest scripting technologies available for your call center today.

In this webinar attendees learned about the benefits of providing agent guidance, how they themselves can build scripts, and learn how one Telco reduced Level 1 to Level 2 support escalations by over 50%!

Scripting technologies are the best fit when:

  • Agents need to be skilled in guiding customers to the correct answer
  • Agents are not adhering to a consistent process
  • You have complex compliance requirements in your industry
  • You need to frequently change your business rules in your customer interactions.

What attendees learned:

  • How to rapidly build customer service flows, instantly, with no coding
  • How to create troubleshooting call flows
  • How a large Telco reduced Level 1 to Level 2 escalations by over 50%

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