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How to Discover the Best Use Cases for Robotic Desktop Automation in Your Call Center

How to Discover the Best Use Cases for Robotic Desktop Automation in Your Call Center

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If there’s a hero who could use your help right now, it’s your call center agents.

Thanks to self-service, customer requests that reach the contact center have gotten more complex. No thanks to CRM and legacy systems, the agent desktop is still a mess. With Corona, peers are no longer a cubicle away to lend a hand to the helpless agent, and your service expectations are back to where they were before the pandemic.

It’s time to unburden your customer service workforce by simplifying their #WFH workspace, don’t you think?

Robotic desktop automation (RDA) can help, but it’s no pixie dust. That’s why we have reunited with the official “process excellence geek squad” from Advantage Point Solutions for this webinar.

We’ll leave you with meaningful call center automation tools and rules to live by as you build out your automation framework for 2021.

Key Takeaways:

  • “Learn to see”: Robotic Desktop Automation discovery. No robots required, just a spreadsheet.
  • Getting started with Robotic Desktop Automation: Top 10 activities every call center must automate in 2021.
  • Hyperautomation for CX: Differences in applying RPA in the front office and in the back office. One size DOES NOT fit all.
  • ROI for Robotic Desktop Automation, justifying your business case for 2021.

Raun Kilgo, Advantage Point Solutions CIO

Raun Kilgo is a business process, automation and analytics professional with more than 30 years of process optimization and business architecture experience. He is a thought leader in the robotic automation sector, having led automation efforts in a variety of industries since 2006. He has taught teams in client companies how to define and execute high-impact and sustainable robotic automations.

Scott Jones, Advantage Point Solutions SVP Strategy and Alliances

Scott is a 25+ year Big 4 consulting veteran in strategy, process and technology disciplines. His experience includes Accenture, Deloitte Consulting, OpenSpan (Pega), and IBM GBS. Scott has delivered digital workforce automation assessments, strategy/roadmapping initiatives and implementation projects, both RDA (attended/assisted) and RPA (unattended), across many verticals, in back office and contact center environments.

Scott Merritt, Jacada Global Head of Automation

Scott leads the go-to-market strategy for Jacada’s automation portfolio and works as a trusted advisor for companies actively pursuing customer service automation strategies.  Scott is a passionate advocate of “Responsible RPA” having spent the last 15 years embedded in the process optimization and RPA space supporting over 100 intelligent automation assessments and implementations.

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