Live Demo & Expert Panel:

10 Ways to Cut Contact Center Agent Onboarding Time In Half

Empower Your Business with Google Contact Center AI

Empower Your Business with Google Contact Center AI

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Conversational AI is a key ingredient in the recipe for contact center automation. Great AI does not guarantee great outcomes though.

Join the webinar to see how businesses like yours are using Jacada’s low code automation platform to boost self-service and contact center agent productivity. Learn how you can scale the use of Google’s Contact Center AI within your organization without requiring an army of developers or data scientists.

Using a different conversational AI? No problem. Check in anyway to learn how low code automation serves as conversational middleware driving business agility and much needed resilience during and beyond the pandemic.

We’ll walk you through live product demos, share client case studies and leave you with a definitive guide for your contact center automation and conversational AI journey.

Key Takeaways:
  • Gartner’s Top 3 Questions that Should Shape Your Contact Center Automation & Conversational AI Strategy
  • Product Demo: How to Build Intelligent Virtual Assistants Using Google Dialogflow and Jacada Interact
  • Client Case Studies: How to Drive Continuous Improvement Using Low Code Automation + Conversational AI
  • Top 5 Tips to Achieve 10x Results: Cut Total Cost of Ownership and Boost Contact Center Automation KPIs

Michael Haisten, Principal Consultant, Customer Service AI

Michael is Jacada’s Principal Consultant for Customer Service AI. He loves applying both technology and psychology to solve business challenges including improving customer experiences and driving digital adoption in the customer service arena. He’s developed a unique perspective having spent 8 years leading self-service and channel strategy within a customer care organization and 8 years helping customers of technology companies like Jacada.

Kumaran Shanmuhan, Head of Solutions Consulting

Kumaran is responsible for solutions at Jacada. With over 17 years of product and consulting experience, Kumaran’s passionate about the interplay between customer experience and automation. Having seen first-hand the challenges of defining and executing on a scalable conversational AI strategy, Kumaran’s eager to share earned secrets that can help you chart an antifragile path forward.

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