Live Demo & Expert Panel:

10 Ways to Cut Contact Center Agent Onboarding Time In Half

Crack the Code on Contact Center Automation: Top 5 Agent Assist Tools for 2021

Crack the Code on Contact Center Automation: Top 5 Agent Assist Tools for 2021

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Directors Club United Kingdom cordially invite you to attend a webinar by Jacada, winner of the Innovations In Customer Interaction Automation category of the UK National Innovation Awards 2020. The session is titled: Crack the Code on Contact Center Automation: Top 5 Agent Assist Tools for 2021


As back-to-back winners of this Nationals title, Jacada continues to prove themselves and stand out as an innovation leader in the customer service automation landscape.

The pandemic has drawn our focus toward age-old problems that deserve our attention. Your contact center agent desktop is no exception to this rule.

If your contact center agent desktop offers a Zen-like experience for your agents and trainers, do not read further. Likewise, if you believe that your customer experience is not dependent on your contact center employee experience, please stop reading.

Jacada’s award-winning Agent Assist solutions simplify even the most chaotic contact center agent desktops, to deliver an effortless experience that guides both agents and customers to desired outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

Jacada will demonstrate some of their recent award-winning solutions while sharing customer stories and implementation best practices.

An action packed, technology intense webinar to help you crack the code on the hot topic dominating 2021 strategy meetings — contact center automation.

You will walk away with a better understanding of Agent Assist technology and learn about Jacada’s Top 5 “must have” Agent Assist enablers for 2021.

Additional highlights include:
  • Agent Assist solutions, what makes them unique
  • Essential building block of Agent Assist technology • Using real-time speech analytics to drive actions on the agent desktop
  • The next wave of knowledge innovation If you can’t make the date or time, simply register as normal and you’ll receive the session recording after the live broadcast.
Scott headshot

Scott Merritt

VP, Global Head of Automation & Marketing

adi headshot

Adi Toppol

Chief Operating Officer • Jacada UK

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