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Can RPA Scale? Moving Beyond the Hype

Can RPA Scale? Moving Beyond the Hype

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Title: Can RPA Scale? Moving Beyond the Hype
6 Reasons RPA is not scaling and what WE all need to do about it!

Scott Merritt, VP Global Head of Automation, breaks through the RPA hype to explore 6 common RPA myths that continue to impact an organizations ability to turn RPA POCs into an enterprise RPA program that scales:


  • RPA myth #1: RPA is a “business user tool”
  • RPA myth #2: RPA is quick, cheap and easy
  • RPA myth #3: All RPA bots are created equal
  • RPA myth #4: Best place to start your RPA journey is in the back office
  • RPA myth #5: There are endless process automation to offload RPA bots
  • RPA myth #6: The reason your bots are not scaling is because they are not cognitive or powered by AI

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Presenter:Scott headshot Scott Merrit
VP Global Head of Automation – Jacada
Scott Merritt is a passionate advocate of “Responsible RPA” having spent the last 15 years embedded in the process optimization and RPA space performing over 100 process automation assessments and supporting over 50 RPA implementations.

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