Webinar Replay: Masterclass Series on Conversational AI & CX Design

Empower Your Business with Google Contact Center AI

Bullet-Proof Your Automation Roadmap With a Kickass ROI Calculator

Bullet-Proof Your Automation Roadmap With a Kickass ROI Calculator

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Webinar Replay
Title: Bullet-Proof Your 2021 Automation Roadmap With a Kickass ROI Calculator

There is no shortage of shiny objects — “AI”, “ML”, “RPA”… the list of acronyms goes on, and the promise of transformation has never been more grandiose.

When used effectively, these capabilities CAN help organizations delight customers, empower employees, grow margins and beat the competition.
Then, why do so many transformation programs fail?
In this webinar, consultants from Jacada will share blind spots that derail call center automation and digital customer experience initiatives, and share a free copy of Jacada’s business case planner which has helped leading organizations avoid costly mistakes.


Key Takeaways:

  1. How to assess the value of artificial intelligence and robotic process automation for your contact center and customer experience
  2. How to factor in customer segments, intents, journeys, touchpoints, modalities and more while building a business case (Workshop mode)
  3. How to document and test your hypotheses (Workshop mode)
  4. How to avoid ROI blind spots (Workshop mode)
  5. Get your copy of the business case planner 

Meet the Panel:


Kumaran Shanmuhan

Global Head of Solutions Consulting

Kumaran is responsible for value engineering at Jacada. With over 17 years of consulting and hands-on change management experience, Kumaran's passionate about the interplay between customer experience and automation. He is excited to share earned secrets on how an antifragile (more on this during the webinar) business case planner can help you harness the power of automation and thrive in the new normal.

lb photo

Leonard Boyd "LB"

Strategic Account Executive

LB has spent the last 20 years in enterprise software sales focused primarily on voice of the customer, enterprise feedback management, business intelligence, and customer engagement solutions. His background also includes an 11 year career with American Airlines where he specialized in contact center management and specialized technology project roles. Lastly, LB started his work life in the United States Air Force working in Logistics.

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