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customer attention what do you do with it

The CEO of Netflix recently said that they compete with Facebook, YouTube and sleep. While Netflix competes with my sleep at 1AM, you know for a fact that every business out there is competing for your attention. So, what do you do with your customer’s attention? There are two options: You can save their attention or seize their attention.

conversational commerce

I think one of the fascinating trends we're seeing in our industry right now is something called conversational commerce and Chris Messina was attributed with coining this term. Basically what conversational commerce implies is a new way for us to interact with brands and technology. To understand conversational commerce, it helps to just take a step back and look at two trends that are fueling this conversational commerce concept.

why you should personalize digital customer interactions

The reason why you need to personalize customer interactions, well really they're several reasons. The fairly pragmatic reason is this, your customers almost certainly have tried to engage you on multiple channels. And so every time they change a channel or they go into a different experience, if that experience isn't personalized to that individual based on what they've already been doing on other channels, in effect you're asking them to start all over again.

ScreenHunter 1005 Jul. 07 09.47

Driving digital adoption is really about a company helping its customers to actually start using digital assets. And what do I mean by digital assets? The website, the mobile app, kiosk, anything other than face-to-face interaction or a voice channel. Digital adoption really is just about how or whether or not customers are using those assets.