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Virtual Agent

A virtual agent is software that understands you and helps you. Virtual agents come in many flavors, and they go by many names.

You can find digital assistants on websites and mobile apps. They play the role of online concierge, answering your questions and directing you to the help you need.

Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri and Cortana are all personal digital assistants you find on your smart devices.

Did you call your bank or communication service provider recently? Then, you have spoken to a virtual customer assistant. These virtual agents try to understand who you are and what you need, so that they may answer questions right away and direct you to a human who can assist further.

Some of your colleagues work in call centers. They often find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Employee Assist or Agent Assist is yet another virtual agent that helps your call center agents during challenging customer interactions.

Chat bots — we left the most infamous type of virtual agent for last. What is the difference between a chat bot and a virtual agent? Can a chat bot be smart? Now, these are frequently asked questions, for sure. Rather than quoting the dictionary, we’d like to start with a practical explanation. Though “bots” have a negative rap, chat bots can be intelligent and conversational. Virtual agents can also come across as insensitive and broken when they aren’t designed well.

Let’s explore how to build intelligent virtual agents leveraging conversational AI and automation technologies. WOW your customers and employees and deliver great customer experiences. We hope you find these blog posts, how-to guides and customer case studies helpful.

Rescue the Modern Contact Center With Best of Breed AI & RPA

Rescue the Modern Contact Center With Best of Breed AI & RPA

Q&A With CEOs of Jacada and Servion, followed by a live CX automation demo featuring Google Contact Center AI, IBM Watson and Contact Center RPA.
Customer Assist

Customer Assist

Assist your customers in real-time with multimodal virtual agents and visual IVRs to boost digital adoption and self-service containment.

How to Save the Modern Contact Center Using

Real-time Assistance!

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