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Robotic Desktop Automation

Robotic Desktop Automation is a type of robotic process automation (RPA) most suited to automate processes that are both knowledge-intensive and data-intensive.

Perhaps, you have a process that requires your employees to enter data repetitively across multiple systems. While they’re at it, do they use their discretion or domain knowledge to make important business decisions? Read on to find out how robotic desktop automation can help you.

Let’s say your customer service representative needs to review a dispute raised by your customer. They may need to analyze data from multiple systems, determine the next best action and update relevant business systems. Wouldn’t it be ideal if this employee had a robot on their desktop? A robot that could take care of all the mundane data-intensive tasks, so that your employee could focus on the knowledge-intensive tasks that they excel in.



Use Jacada Attended RPA solutions to automate tasks in parallel and in the background while the human worker continues the process in other applications.
How to Use Robotic Desktop Automation in the Call Center

How to Use Robotic Desktop Automation in the Call Center

Use the best tools to discover opportunities for applying RPA in your call center. Look beyond the hype as well as the obvious to nail and scale your ROI.

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