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You’re listening to your customers on social media—and taking proactive steps to improve their experience—but what about your customer service employees? Online, they’re screaming. From toxic interactions to unrealistic expectations, unhappy agents have made a glass house out of call center life. And the realities they’re exposing are too ugly to ignore.

For contact center and customer experience leaders, the stakes have never been higher. Faced with the growing challenges of training and retaining high-performing employees, customer operations leaders are often stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Resolving the problem requires a deeper understanding of the situation, the challenges and the opportunities available. By listening closely to employees and rethinking existing systems and processes, call center leaders can easily and cost-effectively improve every aspect of call center life. All it takes is a little help from automation and AI.

What Is Call Center Life | How Poor EX Hurts CX

What Is Call Center Life | How Poor EX Hurts CX

Call center life. High stakes. High stress. It's all in a day's work. Lean in and learn why empathy for customers begins with empathy for your agents.
What Are the CX Challenges Contact Center Leaders Face In 2021

What Are the CX Challenges Contact Center Leaders Face In 2021

Learn about the 13 CX and contact center challenges that could derail your AI and automation initiatives.

How to Save the Modern Contact Center Using

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