• Self-Service


What Is Self-Service?

Visual IVR

Visual IVR is a digital support platform that guides customers and prospects of an organization, both on the web and calling the contact center, to a menu driven web-based support experience. The technology seamlessly connects customers and prospects to self-service options and/or support resources and menu based flows that service their needs at the time customer service is needed.

Customers and prospects utilizing Visual IVR have, at their fingertips, a visual menu tree to successfully self-service their customer care related needs – without the need to connect with an agent. If an agent is required at any point during the interaction, Visual IVR provides full connectivity and contextual transfer to an agent representative.

Intelligent Assistant

Jacada Intelligent Assistant is a virtual customer assistant that will engage your customers and prospects in automated conversation to answer their questions and complete transactions on their behalf. Utilizing the best of breed natural language understanding and integration with backend systems and robotic processing, Jacada Intelligent Assistant is capable of providing service to your customers that extends far past simple question answering.

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