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What if RPA were a real person? Meet Bob.

What is Customer Service Robotic Process Automation?

Contact Center Automation Solutions

Customer Service Robotic Process Automation (CS RPA) is uniquely focused on generating ROI in the customer service space, providing spot-on contact center solutions to call center challenges:

Assisted Sign-On

The Problem: Agents need to log in to dozens of applications

The Solution: With Jacada, agents can log in once and our solution automates the rest. The solution saves agents up to 15 minutes per shift and a lot of frustration

Expected Implementation: 3 weeks

Third Party Integration

The Problem: Contact centers often use third party software that does not provide easy integration. Agents spend a long time looking up and updating information in different systems

The Solution: With Jacada CS RPA we easily integrate with all the customers systems and provide the agents with all the information they need in a flash.

Expected Implementation: 4 weeks

Call Summary

The Problem: Agents spend a long time (sometimes minutes), summarizing calls. In many industries this is mandatory by regulation.

The Solution: We follow the agent's activities, collecting "breadcrumbs" as the call progresses, and when it's time to summarize, we provide the agent with bullet points of the main actions taken. This can reduce the call summary time from minutes to only a few seconds.

Expected Implementation: 6 weeks

Screen Pop

The Problem: Your agent receives a call they need to ask/find information, resulting in longer call times.

The Solution: Screen Pop shows a popup window with all the relevant information at all times as soon as the call is routed in, saving valuable time on information lookup.

Expected Implementation: 3 weeks

Many Many More Automation Solutions...

Outbound Communication
Quote to Cash
Procedure to Pay
Customer Onboarding
Issuing Refunds
Report Preparation
Report Dissemination
Email Campaigns
Invoice Creation and Delivery
RM Information Changes
And Many Others

Customer Service Robotic Process Automation

Customer Service Robotic Process Automation (CS RPA) is one of Jacada’s leading contact center solutions for implementing automation of processes required to fulfill online customer requests. Customers interacting with a live contact center agent or customer service chatbot benefit from shorter Average Handle Time (AHT) or even call deflection through the automated processes that take place by the implementation of Customer Service RPA.

Customer Service Robotic Process Automation is uniquely focused on generating ROI in the customer service space by drastically reducing the manual, error-prone and repetitive tasks of data entry, navigation and process fulfillment.

Customer Service Robotic Process Automation focuses on customer service scenarios which are difficult to fulfill using standard robotic process automation that traditionally focus on back-office automation.

CS RPA combines the best of both RPA and desktop automation

Desktop Automation

Desktop Automation is the deployment of robotic process automation in the contact center to assist, not replace, your agents. Contrary to popular narratives, robots are not used exclusively to replace their human counterpart. In high touch contact centers, agents and robots can work side by side to deliver the best possible customer interaction and customer experience in the most efficient manner possible – quite literally, automation with a human touch!

Robotic Process Automation

Much like the physical robots that have automated the assembly line, Robotic Process Automation can be thought of as ‘software robots’ that automate things like data entry and user interface navigation. Software robots are trained to interpret the user interface of third party applications and execute processes that would normally be performed by humans.

Built on the Interact Hub

Jacada Interact is the no-code development platform for designing, testing and deploying all Jacada solutions. Available on-Cloud, or on-Premise, our Interact Hub is designed to be rapidly deployed. Benefits of the Interact Hub include resiliency, scalability, security and access control.

The Business Benefits of CS RPA

Automate the process so we can get back to what’s important, servicing the customer.

Customer Satisfaction

customer satisfaction

If a customer service representative is focused on navigating systems, inputting data or copy-pasting, they are less focused on servicing the customer. Alternatively, if your chatbot is only capable of answering questions and not automating processes, your customers are not effectively being serviced.

Improved Accuracy


Robotic automation never makes a mistake, unless it was programmed to do so. Rest assured that any automated processes take place with the highest possible accuracy, most possible adherence to compliance and unbeaten level of consistency.

Agent Productivity


Like we mentioned earlier, let the robot handle the mundane, repetitive, error-prone tasks so your agents can focus on what is important, the customer.

Rapid ROI


Cost reduction is the name of the game. Automation has been a huge player in driving down costs associated with the automation line. Automation of the contact center is no different.

Reduced Average Handling Time (AHT) by 20% - 30%

Increased First Call Resolution (FCR)

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