Solutions and services to reduce the complexity of these customer interactions

What you should look for in an omnichannel solution?

Continuity3 cs 3

Continuity of the interaction as customers channel hop

Consistency3 cs 3

Consistency of information regardless of the channel they’re on

Contextual3 cs 3

Context is maintained throughout the customer journey.

You Should Also Expect...

  • Easy adoption and integration – Look for solutions that are quick to implement and enhance your existing channels, instead of a complete Rip and Replace solution.
  • Single design environment – Look for solutions that offer a single design environment for creating interactions that run on all channels, otherwise you will end up with a fragmented experience.
  • Breadth of solution – A true omnichannel solution goes beyond your self service channels and requires efficient handling of voice calls, so look for a provider with a bread of solutions to provide efficiency at the agent desktop.


Lower your cost to serve by seamlessly blending digital and contact center interactions

Important to Know...


Percentage of consumers who say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide good service. 
(Source: Forrester Research)


The year Customer Experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator 
Customers 2020 report


The revenue impact from a 10% point improvement in a company’s Customer Experience score
The Business Impact of Customer Experience


Companies that say they are not developing a strategy for integrated Customer Experience; only 8% currently provide an integrated CX
Econsultancy Integrated CX report 2013