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Jacada Visual IVR
for Interactive Intelligence:
Providing a Visual Experience
to the Customer Interaction Center™


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Your mobile customers are looking for new forms of mobile interactions to interact with your state of the art Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center™ (CIC) IVR,  visually on their mobile device, through the convenient touch interface they've come to expect.

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With Jacada Visual IVR, the Customer Interaction Center™ can now offer a visual experience to the existing IVR

Jacada’s Visual IVR for Interactive Intelligence is a visual representation of the existing IVR menu, personalized with real time customer information and easily accessible by customers from any mobile device. 

Callers dial into the Customer Interaction Center™, and instead of listening to the voice prompt, have the option of seamlessly connecting to a Visual IVR session from their mobile device.

Once in the Visual IVR, customers use their mobile device to navigate a user friendly, visual interface, to solid, real-time solutions. Visual IVR is able to collect and submit more information than a standard voice IVR. Users are able to enter alphanumerical data such as email addresses to track order status, upload photos of defective merchandize, even scan a QR code.

Bill payment,  order tracking,  subscription renewal, scheduling a service, product activation, editing information, and many more self service options can be performed in the Visual IVR by the customer without having to wait on the line, repeat information and in many cases independent of live agents.

inin-phone2 If the customer requests live assistance, the visible path taken and data entered in the Visual IVR is available to the agent, enabling a warm and seamless transition to the contact center, chat or call back. The Visual IVR collects customer specific data and then feeds it back to the agent in the call center for efficient handling of calls in a much shorter time frame.

And the best part of all? No rewrites of your Voice IVR application

Jacada’s Visual IVR for Interactive Intelligence reuses and extends the existing technology already deployed for Customer Interaction Center™. The ability to reuse existing integration as well as the application already deployed, enables quick implementation at low costs.




  • Reduced call times – about a 60 second cut down on  Average Handling Time based on better information
  • Lower inbound call volume – fewer calls reach the call center as more customers resolve their issues in the Visual IVR
  • Lower IVR and Telephony charges
  • Easy and Quick Implementation
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Serious ROI
  • Deep Insights into the customer journey  - full graphical reporting of how customers reach you and where they stumble


Visual IVR is designed to overcome the problematic tradeoff between usability and functionality that traditional IVR systems suffer from.  The visual display of self-service options and the direct connectivity to the call center ensure a continuous experience across all touch points. This also offers more granular routing and fast first call resolution rates.




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