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Intelligent Agent Engagement

Battle contact center complexity with AI & RPA

Why Consider?

The strategic importance of investing in the Customer Experience has led organizations to improve all aspects of the customer journey. While the self-service channel is being prioritized in part due to customer demand and in part due to cost advantages, companies are being driven to take a renewed look at agent engagement due to several factors:

Channel preference

While “omni-channel” is an overused buzzword, there is no doubt that the modern customer is more sophisticated, more demanding and has more choice. They do not want to be “forced” into a particular journey (or channel). If CX is about delivering low-effort interactions, organizations must cater to customer preferences and conveniences.

Rising Complexity

Product and service complexity is on the rise. Some customer interactions are so complex that they simply do not lend themselves to the self-service channel (without high-effort). The irony is that the improvement of self-service means that ‘easier’ interactions are now managed entirely by the customer, leaving the more complex interactions for the agent.

Technological Advancement

Agent engagement has been the red-headed stepchild. Fortunately, the same technological advancements that propelled self-service is now being applied to assisted service. Everything from AI to UI/UX is now being utilized to make the assisted service channel a peer with its self-service sibling.

Self-Service Adoption

Many organizations are finding that self-service adoption lagged behind the technology advancement, and certainly behind the hype. It’s a combination of multiple contributing factors, unwieldy IVR trees, inaccurate call routing, and poor voice recognition to name a few.

This Guide aims to simplify the confusing agent engagement landscape, navigate pitfalls and show how to roll out assisted-service projects, while also minimizing risks.

About Intelligent Agent Engagement

While assisted service aptly describes the human-touch component, intelligent agent engagement more accurately describes the human-touch fueled with technology to drive improved operational efficiency. Intelligent agent engagement is about transforming complex agent desktops, a variety of channels (voice, chat, email, etc) and complex processes (troubleshooting, complicated products, regulatory) into an operationally efficient customer service experience.


While terminology may vary by vendor or industry, we can broadly describe intelligent agent engagement as encompassing:

Intelligent Agent Engagement
Two Approaches...

Built on the Interact Platform

Jacada Interact is the no-code development platform for designing, testing and deploying all Jacada solutions. Available on-Cloud, or on-Premise, our Interact Hub is designed to be rapidly deployed. Benefits of the Interact Hub include resiliency, scalability, security and access control.


Reduce handle time and improve accuracy by automating manual tasks

Real-time guidance to reduce interaction complexity and improve focus on the customer

Eliminate application complexity and the need to switch between different apps

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