Phone is Still Outweighing Digital

Despite major investments in digital self-service resources, customers are still primarily calling a contact center when information or assistance is needed. This is because dialing a contact center is still perceived to be a low effort and effective way of receiving help or information.

Your attempts to encourage your customers to use your digital solutions has been met with:




The Problem

Passively marketing the availability of these resources is not enough. Requiring your customer to blindly search for the answer won’t work. This approach to providing digital self-service only motivates the customer to abandon any attempt to self-serve.

Its Not Easy

In order for your customers to adopt and use your digital resources, you have to make it easy for them. You also have to ensure successful outcomes.

The reason customer still primarily call is because they are confident they will eventually connect with someone that will be capable of assisting them in completing the task at hand.

The Solution

Drive digital adoption by actively promoting the successful use of digital resources. Direct customers to the appropriate digital self-service solution to address the current need. Assist them in using the self-service solutions rather than just making them available.

Drive Digital Adoption

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