Digital is becoming the dominant contact preference, and organizations are undergoing Digital Transformation initiatives to meet customer demand

digital transformation channel hop
Customers expect full continuity as they channel hop, across both digital and voice channels

digital transformation multiple thouchpoints

Customers expect a consistent experience across multiple touchpoints

digital transformation channel pivot
Companies want to channel pivot expensive voice calls into more cost effective digital channels, and personalize the experience


3 Primary Inhibitors in Digital Transformation are:

digital transformation voice and digital channels
Your voice and digital channels are disconnected

digital transformation cross channel ready
Your interactions are not cross channel ready

digital transformation legacy ivr
Your legacy IVR does not support digital or mobile engagement


Improve conversions and reduce abandonment by fixing the Digital and Voice disconnect

digital transformation reduce abandonment 2

…And Provide digital Collaboration to your Voice callers to Reduce AHT


Jacada’s Interact delivers Instant Cross-Channel Interactions

Jacada Digital Transformation for web 2

Digital Enable Your IVR

Turns This...

Jacada digital transformation visualivr turns this

...Into This

Jacada digital transformation visualivr into this


Jacada is leading the Digital Transformation initiatives for these companies: 

fortune 50 software company jacada visual ivr
ups jacada visual ivr
hot telco telecom jacada visual ivr
israel post office jacada visual ivr
leumi card logo jacada visual ivr
Optus logo jacada visual ivr

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