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There's only one thing missing from your digital strategy:
Your Members...

Voice vs Digital

In spite of all of your investments in world-class digital solutions, your members are still calling the contact center. Your attempts to encourage members to use your digital solutions has been met with:





Each of your digital solutions rely on passive approaches to encourage engagement.

Passive approaches such as “customer education” or “build it and they will come” lead to poor adoption. When digital adoption flounders, so do your attempts to engage members and influence behavior toward healthy lifestyles. Members don’t fully utilize available benefits, which leads to poor health outcomes, which leads to a higher cost to serve each individual.

In short – lack of digital adoption is undermining the overall mission of your organization, which is to keep members healthy at an affordable price.

To learn how Jacada helps to actively drive digital adoption, click on the link below.

See how Jacada proactively engages members and optimizes every inbound interaction by using member’s intent, their individual profile, and their interaction history to personally engage members at every touchpoint across the full customer lifecycle.