There's only one thing missing from your digital strategy:
Your Customers...

Voice vs Digital

The advent of digital technology has had no greater impact than in banking and financial services. Today online and mobile banking is ubiquitous across all account types, customer or commercial…checking, saving, money market, credit cards, mortgages, investments, 401Ks, term loans, a line of credit and so forth. Each accessible with as little as a thumbprint. Monies can be moved from account to account or person to person, bills can be paid, balances checked and transactions looked up all from a mobile device. In no other line of business has there been greater strides and larger investments than in financial services.

But, in spite of all the investments in hardware, software and digital technology… over 50% of all customer interaction and services take place in your contact center… your customers still pick up the phone and call. Your encouragement to use your digital channels has been met with indifference, apathy, and neglect.

Why is this?

Despite your investments, digital solutions rely on passive approaches to encourage engagement and adoption.

Passive approaches such as “FAQs,” “Customer Education,” or “Build it, and they will come” lead to poor adoption rates. When digital adoption struggles, so does the purpose of your technology…the technology you’ve integrated and implemented.

In short – insufficient digital adoption is undermining your overall mission to provide your customer a positive user experience with an intuitive application that increases self-services and reduces cost.

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