The #1 Platform for Human & Robot Collaboration

Built for

  • Jacada’s offerings will allow us to improve and automate member service operations while optimizing interactions between customer service agents and credit union members.

    Gary ScaliseCall Center SVP

  • Jacada’s product strategy revolves around customer service use cases and it has a sharp focus on maintaining its leading position in this specific RPA market segment

    Saurabh SharmaPrincipal Analyst

  • Jacada’s uniqueness comes with their ability to deliver on outcomes with one integrated Robotic Automation and AI Hub

    Nischay MittalEngagement Manager – Digital Transformation

The three essential pillars for human & robot collaboration

Back office RPA tools cannot deliver the human touch that your customers and agents require. Customer experience doesn't just start and end with an automated task, it begins and ends with a customer interaction. Now is the time to make customer service RPA a part of your automation strategy - a strategy built for automation, built for guidance, built for people.

Built for Automation

Built for Automation

End-to-end automation for your enterprise. Eliminate mundane tasks for customers and agents through fast, scalable attended and unattended RPA

Built for Guidance

Your technology landscape is complex. Bring RPA and intelligent guidance together to make your existing technology work smarter for your customers and your agents.

Built for Guidance

For the People

Built for People

Humans ignore design that ignores humans. Overcome the robot-to-human design challenges in automation with UX design and conversational AI that puts people first

Results that speak for themselves!

Cost Reduction


In annual savings


Agent hours time saved

CX Improvement


Customer satisfaction


Reduced Customer effort

Digital Adoption

Up to 50%

Increase in self-service


Mobile App Adoption



Reduced Training Time


Manual effort automated

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Jacada Interact is the no-code development platform for designing, testing and deploying all Jacada solutions. Available on-Cloud, or on-Premise, our Interact Platform is designed to be rapidly deployed. Benefits of the platform include resiliency, scalability, security and access control. View Video

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