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Reduce inbound call volume by at least 10% while delivering a superior customer experience. Guaranteed.

It’s been said that Customer Experience and Reduced Cost are mutually exclusive and “never the twain shall meet”.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience in today’s digital world poses a unique challenge for organizations: On one hand, the digital customer is demanding that interactions be low effort, efficient and on the channel of their choice. Companies, on the other hand, want to ensure low inbound call volume and next issue avoidance all while delivering an exceptional customer experience. Reconciling these two seemingly competing goals can be challenging.

Jacada’s Contact Hub digitally engages your customers in their existing journey – whether it’s an inbound web-based session, an inbound voice inquiry, or a proactive outbound event driven engagement. Jacada’s Contact Hub drives your customer’s use of existing digital assets to effectively lower inbound call volume. Voice callers are seamlessly and contextually pivoted to a mobile digital self-service interaction, inbound web-based customers are greeted and assisted by an intelligent virtual assistant, and all other customers benefit from event-based outbound engagement. In addition, customers requiring assisted service benefit from a full set of agent productivity tools that ensure seamless continuity from the digital session.

The Jacada Contact Hub is provided on a single platform ensuring reuse, lower cost of ownership and rapid time-to-market. And there’s no need to rip-and-replace what you have.

The Jacada Contact Hub includes:

Engage voice callers with Visual IVR – Research shows that 82% of interactions still end up in the contact center. With Visual IVR, Voice Callers are seamlessly shifted to the digital channel where they receive a personalized and digital experience, enabling a better customer experience with improved self-service. In fact, Visual IVR deployments show self-service on the digital channel improves by as much as 90% over the traditional voice IVR! Moreover, visual IVR interactions bring all the digital assets together in one convenient interface, offering channel choice to the customer.

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Engage digital customers with Intelligent Assistant - Virtual Agents are 1/12th the cost of a live phone call, and customers prefer the intuitive and familiar chat interface. Engage your digital visitors with Jacada Intelligent Assistant, the only virtual agent on the market that combines the power of transactional flows with natural language dialog giving your customers the best of both worlds. Combined with our integration and automation technology means a virtual agent that not only answers your customers, but is also transactional.

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Proactively engage customers with Outbound Engagement – It’s been said that the future of customer service is no-service – meaning, reach out to your customers before they need to reach out to you. Proactive engagement notifies customers on their channel of choice and conveniently drives into a digital interaction, preventing a spike in inbound call volume.

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Be there when needed with our Agent productivity solution – Customers needing assisted service need full continuity from their digital session. From automation to full agent desktops, Jacada delivers context, intent and continuity from self to assisted service.

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The Jacada Contact Hub Provide an effortless, personalized and digital experience to drive containment and next issue avoidance