Agent Next Best Action

Be automatically guided to the next best action while on the phone with the customer

Enable agents to focus on the customer, not the system, so that customers receive an optimal solution to their query in the shortest time possible. The result is significantly reduced Average Handle Time (AHT) which translates into an improved customer experience, increased retention rates and higher revenue for your organization. It also drives cross-sells and upsells aligning with business imperatives.


Agent Next Best Action

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Your Agent Desktop is prime real-estate in the bid to win and keep customers. The information it provides and its ease of use can make or break a customer service experience or a potential new sale.

A confusing or hard to use desktop means fewer sales, frustrated customers, longer calls, longer training cycles, and more call backs.


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To be productive and service oriented, agents need fast and simple access to all relevant customer information, eliminate manual tasks or the need to maneuver between multiple desktop applications. The platform should allow the agent to interact with his customers through different channels while handling all these in parallel from a single view. This enables an instantly improved Customer Experience.


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Combined with easy access to product updates, personalized offers, new packages and solutions, a simplified Agent Desktop also enables agents to focus on selling new products or upgrades to existing products, increasing profitability for the business.


What should you look for in your Next-Best-Action solution?

  • Application “bubbles” to provide in-line, in-context help and “next-best-action” cues to CSRs, streamlining productivity and eliminating errors.
  • A Graphical Script Builder to create next best actions via drag/drop, with no technical requirements and the ability to enter personalized/dynamic content into the bubble.
  • The ability to automate applications reducing tedious data entry or navigation sequences, resulting in reduced handle time.
  • The ability to integrate with any backend systems to allow data flexibility and more accurate data for upgrading/up selling and a more proactive approach.
  • Advanced auditing and reporting so interactions can be recorded down to an individual field level & sophisticated audit trails that reflect how interactions are performing.

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