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Agent Guidance

Interactive and intuitive guidance so agents always know what, when, and how to respond to customer inquiries.

Why Consider Agent Guidance

Agents are operating in increasingly complex environments. Call types are becoming more complex (after all, the simpler calls are being handled by self-service solutions), the regulatory landscape is becoming more challenging, and companies are offering more products and services. Today’s call center agent is surrounded by technology. Agents are often left to utilizing outdated static scripts, or worse, relying on poorly memorized scripts from training conducted months ago. Agents also need to watch out for regulatory, process, or legal requirements. The result? Long call times and frustrated customers (and agents), a high error rate severely impacting first call resolution, and, perhaps more worryingly, actions outside of approved company or legal regulatory requirements.

Complex Applications or Processes

Complex Applications or Processes

Your agents are dealing with complex applications or processes resulting in errors or long call times

First Call Resolution

First Call Resolution

Your organization is looking to improve First Call Resolution

Reduce Training and Churn

Reduce Training and Churn

Your organization wishes to reduce agent training time and agent churn

Pacing Innovation

Pacing Innovation

Your agents can’t keep par with the constant changes in (and additions to) products, services and price plans

About Agent Guidance

By offering instant, contextual guidance during the interaction, Agents always know the next best action, can easily troubleshoot problems, avoid legal problems, and get the most out of each call.

Agent Guidance ensures your agents interact the right way, at the right time. Working side-by-side with your existing desktop applications, Agent guidance does not require agents to learn a new environment. Instead, they are guided in real-time with helpful step-by-step prompts, coupled with automation to perform tasks on behalf of the agent.

Deliver effective interactions and ensure optimal performance of all your agents. Utilizing interactive guidance and next-best actions, your agents know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Agent guidance can work in concert with automation technology to drive shorter calls, better customer interactions and shorter agent training times.



At last, call center scripts that don’t sound…. "scripted." Subject matter experts, agents, trainers, product managers, and supervisors can create scripts with clicks — not code — and publish them in real-time to your agents. With full support for integrating with all of your applications, our rules engine, and built-in language translation, can dynamically change based on who you’re talking to for a natural sounding conversation.

Process orchestration

Using an intuitive visual designer, processes are mapped out quickly and easily. Modeling your process, simulating its behavior, creating unit tests, versioning and deployment. Now you can respond rapidly to changing business requirements by seamlessly integrating people, processes and systems, all the while ensuring a robust and easily maintainable system

Next best action

Be automatically guided to the next best action while on the phone or chat with the customer. Enable agents to focus on the customer, not the system, so that customers receive an optimal solution to their query in the shortest time possible

Auditing, testing and reporting

System functionality and design changes are verified in an isolated test environment and subject to functional and security testing prior to deployment to active production systems. Instantly deployed to agents, monitored in real-time and then fine-tuned. By continuously refining interactions, you can meet and exceed customer service experience goals.


Automation provides process guidance, enhance your existing workflows, and eliminate redundant data entry while simplifying lengthy navigation sequences.

Cognitive Integration

Sentiment analysis can now serve as a real-time input and influence the interaction in any direction necessary

Built on the Interact Hub

Jacada Interact is the no-code development platform for designing, testing and deploying all Jacada solutions. Available on-Cloud, or on-Premise, our Interact Hub is designed to be rapidly deployed. Benefits of the Interact Hub include resiliency, scalability, security and access control.


50% reduction in call escalation from level 1 to 2 support

30% improvement in first call resolution (FCR)

20% or greater reduction in average handle time

90% achievable reduction in agent training



10 concurrent agent seats for 30 days
No commitment
Limited Support
Audit data retained 30 days
SaaS only


10+ concurrent agent seats
Regular Support
Three-Nines SLA
Audit data retained 90 days
SaaS only


10+ concurrent agent seats
Annual Commitment
Regular Support
Three-Nines SLA
Audit data retained 12 Months
SaaS - On premise licensing and pricing available


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200+ concurrent agent seats
Annual Commitment
Premium Support
Enterprise SLA
Audit data retained indefinitely while under contract
Saas or on-premise

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