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Jacada Agent Desktop for omnichannel engagement

  • Cost savings by reducing Average Handling Time (AHT) by 20-30%
  • Improved First Call Resolution (FCR)
  • Training time (by 50%), and increased revenue (by 5%) for your business

Optimize your Agent Desktop For Omnichannel Engagements

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A true omnichannel desktop is a continuation of the customer journey in previous voice and digital channels. An Omnichannel desktop empowers your agents to know the customer and their history and to provide immediate answers, without the need to repeat information.


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Agents need fast and simple access to all relevant customer information, while eliminating manual tasks or the need to maneuver between multiple desktop applications. The platform should allow the agent to interact with customers through different channels while handling all these in parallel from a single view. Combined with collaborative features such as document push, form filling and co browse – the customer's omnichannel experience is seamless and is continued all the way to the final resolution


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With easy access to product updates, personalized offers, new packages and solutions, Jacada Agent Desktop also enables agents to focus on selling new products or upgrades to existing products, increasing profitability for the business.


What should you look for in your Agent Desktop?

  • A highly flexible, intuitive and easy to use Desktop UI that seamlessly blends with existing application functionality.
  • Simplified display of customer's history and previous journey across other channels such as Web, Chat and Visual IVR.
  • Collaborative functionalities such as Co browse and content push to simplify the customer experience, provide real-time feedback and attain faster resolution.
  • An Agent Desktop that easily connects to both back-end data sources as well as to the applications residing on the desktop
  • A dynamic environment that guides an agent as needed (step by step or only at “choke points”) through the steps needed to offer a personalized answer to the customers need
  • Multi context functionality to improve efficiency and blend your agents
  • The ability to create new customer friendly processes from existing applications
  • Enable your agents to focus on a quality customer experience instead of dealing with underlying application complexity
  • Minimize manual data entry during and after the call, reducing both Average Handle Time and After Call Work (ACW)

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"The Jacada WorkSpace unified service desktop provides a flexible, adaptable, and scalable solution that is very compatible with our existing infrastructure and strategic direction, and should deliver a quick return on our investment. The ability to implement the solution quickly, without modifying our existing systems or infrastructure, was key in our decision to go with Jacada."

Srinivas Koushik
Chief Information Officer, Nationwide Insurance


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