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Smart Agent Assistant

Who said Virtual Assistants were only for customers?

Why Consider Smart Agent Assistant?

Customer service strategy for some time now has included bots. Most often these days, it is common place to find customer-facing bots. These bots are designed to provide customers with an automated conversational support experience utilizing natural language understanding (NLU). However, despite the deployment of customer-facing bots, most contact centers still employ Customer Service Representatives (CSR) to manage the customer engagement that remains.

Even your best CSR could use some help at times. Each time they need to put the customer on hold to find an answer to a question or make the customer wait while they identify the next best action, they are slowly destroying the customer experience. Lengthy average handle time and after call work due to the lack of automation are eating away at your bottom line.

By leveraging contextually-aware conversational experiences and automation, CSR’s are empowered to

Increased Productivity

Increased agent productivity with instant access to the right information and processes

Focus on Customer

Focus on the customer and their issue instead of lengthy information lookup or application navigation

Shorter Handle Times

Shorter handle times through automation implemented during and after customer interactions

About Smart Agent Assistant

Jacada’s assisted-service chatbot serves as a personal assistant to your CSR’s or agents. Like a Personal Assistant, the Agent Assistant automates entire processes by reaching back to the relevant systems, pulling and inserting relevant data and following preconfigured workflows. As a result, the agent no longer needs to handle various systems and processes, significantly reducing Average Handle Time (AHT). In addition, the agent can now truly focus on the customer, providing a much better customer experience. Agent training time and ramp up becomes a fraction of what it used to be.

Running autonomously or pausing at predefined checkpoints for the live agent to confirm and approve, the bot can complete tasks or entire processes on behalf of the customer service agent, perform data or process retrieval, apply data or processes where necessary and answer questions that the agent or customer may have during a live interaction.

A Smart Agent Assistant is, quite literally, the deployment of a customer service bot to work side-by-side with your agents. These bots can take cues from the agent and interact with them via natural language understanding. This agent-assisted automation lets the agent focus on the customer and the outcome, and lets the bot focus on the process, data entry, information lookup and the application.

A Jacada Smart Agent Assistant can be designed to provide:

Automation of agent processes

Take control of manual and tedious data entry, complex navigation sequences, cut & paste operations with increased accuracy and speed within the agents desktop

Instant answers

When agents are faced with a question they do not currently know the answer to, they can consult their Intelligent Assistant who will provide immediate responses

Context aware

Awareness of the agents desktop or working environment through integration and current customer interaction

Contextual guidance

Providing insights, guidance and next-best-action alerts based on the current context of the interaction with the customer



Business analysts using AI can develop and control the Agent Assistant

Rich UX

Engaging & personalized UX delivered without code


API and Non-API integrations into any existing application or customer service system


Support for any channel including phone, chat, messenger, web, smart device and others


Deployed in the cloud or on premise to keep customers interactions private


Ability to trigger and automate actions and activities within the desktop

Contextual handoff

Ability to escalate customer self-service interactions contextually to the agent

Built on the Interact Hub

Jacada Interact is the no-code development platform for designing, testing and deploying all Jacada solutions. Available on-Cloud, or on-Premise, our Interact Hub is designed to be rapidly deployed. Benefits of the Interact Hub include resiliency, scalability, security and access control.


Reduction in average handle time

Better customer interactions and outcomes

Reduced employee training

Reduce cost of customer service

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