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Survive and Thrive in 2021 With an Employee-First Automation Strategy

Hyperautomate Customer Experience with RPA & AI

Automate conversations, tasks and processes throughout the customer lifecycle using an end-to-end low code customer service automation platform

Designed to 

Robotic Process Automation Trusted By Customer Service Leaders

The Three Essential Pillars For Hyperautomating Your CX

Back office RPA tools cannot deliver the human touch that your customers and employees require. Customer experience doesn’t just start and end with an automated task. It begins and ends with a customer interaction. 

As you make RPA a part of your intelligent automation strategy, ask if your automation stack is designed not only to automate but also to guide and delight your customers and employees. 

automation forheader

Designed to Automate

End-to-end automation for your enterprise. Eliminate mundane tasks for customers and agents through fast, scalable attended RPA and unattended RPA.

Designed to Guide

Your technology landscape is complex. Bring RPA and intelligent guidance together to make your existing technology work smarter for your customers and your agents.

Designed to Delight

Humans ignore design that ignores humans. Overcome the robot-to-human design challenges in automation with UX design and conversational AI that puts people first.

Results That Speak For Themselves

Cost Reduction

In annual savings
Agent hours time saved

CX Improvement

Customer Satisfaction
Reduced Customer Effort

Digital Adoption

Up to 50%
Increase in Self-Service
Mpbile App Adoption


Reduced Training Time
Manual Effort Automated

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Jacada Interact is low code customer service automation software that helps businesses harmonize and elevate their rich and diverse customer experience stack. Go beyond omnichannel customer experience and deliver multiexperience. Harness the power of robotic process automation and drive hyperautomation across the entire customer journey. Enable your business analysts to do it all using our no-code designer. Available from our Public Cloud, and for deployment in your Private Cloud or for On-Premise Data Centers.  

Customer Service Automation Done Right

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